We're word junkies, and we like to break the rules

Bella Blissett has been a journalist for 15 years. She started on the Evening Standard features desk, spent 8 years writing a weekly column for the Mail on Sunday’s YOU Magazine and currently contributes to the FT’s How To Spend It. Google her and she’s written about everything from pole dancing in stilettos to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. She’s also author of the book, Ask: 1000 Most Asked Questions About Beauty and used to write speeches for FTSE 100 leaders. Consequently, she sometimes suffers from multi-tone-of-voice-madness.


It’s not an “agency” – and it’s not a “consultancy” either. It’s really a meeting of minds between brilliant writers and brilliant brands. We use the right words to deliver the greatest impact and get the results your business needs.

We’re words people, but here’s some numbers:

27 seconds: the time we have to make a good impression in person. Just 8 seconds is all we have to snatch someone's attention online. We'll make your brand +100% more cool, sexy, powerful and pioneering in the minds of your customers. Then they’ll be +52% more valuable to you.
Good to know

1. We're much more nimble than an agency:

So you won’t have to wait weeks to get what you need. In fact, we’ll help you limber up and become more agile too.

2. We're far more fingers-on keyboards than a consultancy:

You’ll get a shed load of ideas, insight and advice from us (many of our clients check in with us on pretty much anything and everything). We’ll also get down and word dirty for you too.

3. We're storytellers - and then some:

It’s trendy to be a “storyteller” these days, but unless this story is a direct means to achieve your end goals, then you need more than nice words. We’re researchers, strategists, thinkers, challengers, language adventurers and word nerds. Which means you become THE STORY – and ultimately, get more shebang for your buck.

4. We tap into an A-team bank of talent:

Need a social media expert? An art director, graphic or website designer? Perhaps you’re in need of some PR or a digital marketing whizzkid? We match you with the best possible person for your job – then manage the project work for you.

5. We have a sense of humour:

Because the world needs some of that, right?


Be so good they can't ignore you